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NWS Cast #026 by none other than Mads Bjerregaard

Listen to the mix HERE
I have the pleasure to present to you one of the most loved and respected DJ's from the Danish underground scene. Mads Bjerregaard might not be know outside the boarders of Denmark, he is neither producing nor a guy who likes to promote himself. Actually when Mads promotes it seems to always be for friends parties and parties with his crew BunkerBauer. He basically needs no promotion in Copenhagen. People know! - and if they don't they will!

During the past one or two years a more raw sound has entered the Copenhagen scene influenced by - among others - the current New York underground scene i.e. Amir Alexander, Hakim Murphy and DJ Spider who all previously has been presented here on NWS Cast. But also the techno milieu of Copenhagen which is growing popular because of work by Culture Box, BunkerBauer, BULK and others is cementing the turf underneath Mads' feet. It would be easy to say that Mads stands on the boarderline between house and techno, but actually I'd rather obstain from trying to narrowing him and his visions. Instead I will just say that Mads Bjerregaard's got soul!

I had a chat with Mads about Copenhagen and the exceptional work his crew BunkerBauer does for the Copenhagen scene.

NWS: To the people following from outside Denmark, can you tell us about Mads Bjerregaard?

MADS: Haha. Hmm.. Danish guy who loves house, techno and vinyls. and dancing as well.

NWS: You are one of many "new" DJ's emerging from the Danish underground, and in your case Copenhagen. Your crew from Bunkerbauer is doing some inspiring work for many electronic music lovers in Copenhagen. Can you tell us a little about the work you do?

MADS: BunkerBauer is a little community for electronic music - mainly deeper house and techno. The overall purpose of BunkerBauer is to support the Copenhagen electronic society in any ways possible. Physically are we located in a old bunker from World War 2. First of all the bunker is a studio where people produce music. For example we have Lasse Buhl from Northern Structures producing down there. But we also use the bunker for parties every now and then. Mostly afterparties which the space, in my opinion, is perfect for. We are also having parties in other locations when we find spaces that suits the music. So far we've had a some success in all of the before mentioned things i think.

NWS: Can you tell us more about the electronic society that you like to support? How is the situation in Denmark at the moment and is there something you hope to see changed?

MADS: The way i see the society in copenhangen is that there is a whole lot of talent. Producers like Northern Structures, Undr P, Pattern Repeat, 2400 operator and yourself (Samuel Andre Madsen) are making very interesting stuff that also echoes away from Denmark. There is also great parties and bookings but it seems that the great parties often evolve when there is a big foreign booking. That is a shame because there are djs living in Copenhagen who are just as good. Then there is an issue surrounding Culture Box. It is the biggest club in copenhagen for this kind of music but they have what I would call a monopoly because they got the money for the big bookings. Culture Box is a great place but I would to see some of the money put into Culture Box going somewhere else. (...) All in all we have a great scene here compared to many other places but there is still plenty of room for development and raising new talents.

NWS: I agree on the wish for one more club or regular place to go for more great electronic music and there's definately room for it. What do you think it would take to realize this? Is it merely a question of capital?

MADS: I think the club owners and investers are having are hard time right now, and it is therefore hard for people to raise money to do something out of the ordinary. That's a problem in whole cultural environment. Then there is only the state to turn to. And their money is going to other places right now. So i think that the problem right now is mainly raising capital. The ideas and talents are here.

NWS: Speaking of talent your style is known by many as playing house music that has techno complexes vice versa. What are you looking for in a record? What's an ideal record to you?

MADS: The main thing is originality. Its hard for me precisely to point out what it is that turns me on in a record. But my favourite records are often those who open new doors for me genre-wise. For example the whole Restoration and Analogue Cops thing opened a new world to me in how you could make sounds... But i don't know... it is a hard question for me.The easy answer would be to say that the ideal record is Black Celebration by Depeche Mode. Hahaha!

NWS: Are you a Depeche Mode fan?

MADS: Of course who isn't?

NWS: Touché.

MADS: My girlfriend just bought tickets for their show in Copenhagen this summer. Christmas present. Can't wait!

NWS: You're a lucky man!
Everytime I've seen you play you've been bringing your heavy crate of vinyls. Why are you playing vinyl and not digital formats?

MADS:  When i first started playing i used cd's, but once i tried vinyl it was love at first sight. First of all, i think that the warm deep sound of vinyls brings something special to a crowd. Maybe it just me. Secondly, i like the physical feeling of sound on a vinyl. It just speaks to me. Thirdly, vinyl-sets from other DJs is always the ones that gets me highest. So i dont see any reason why not to do it. I know you agree on this Sam... :)

NWS: Woooord
 Anything you like to tell people before they listen?

MADS: Naa, i am just happy if people would take their time to give it a bit attention. And thanks to you for making me do this.
1. Dust and Memories – Dakini9, Plan B Recordings
2. Income Tax Refund Dance – Omar S, FXHE Records
3. Philotes – Third Side, Restoration
4. Nortwest Cave, Samuel Andre Madsen, Nsyde Music
5. Housing Project - Marquis Hawkes, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams
6. Work In – Hakim Murphy, Plan B Recordings
7. The Black Rain - Amir Alexander, Argot Music
8. All For Lisa – Mr. K Alexi Shelby, Syncrophone
9. Colums- Omar S, FXHE Records
10. Family Affair – Big Strick, 7 days entertainment
11. New Stuff (Lerosa Remix) – Cristopher Rau, Never Learnt
12. Drum Trax – Chris Mitchell, Proper Trax
13. The Parkhurst – Terrence Dixon, Thema
14. Sandcastle (The Culture Box re-edit) – Mike Huckaby, Synth
15. 24 – Conforce, Clone Basement Series
16. Pulze - Mr. G, Warm Sounds
17. Wind – Innerspace Halflife, MOS Deep
18. Rise of The Machines – Jitterbug, Uzuri
19. Syncronism – Steve Tang, Emphasis Recordings
20. There is a Time – Glenn Underground, Peacefrog
21. SPN---RMX, Dowhatyoulike (Beatdown Beats), SPNRMX
22. Dont You Want My Love – Debbie Jacobs, MCA Records 

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