søndag den 23. januar 2011

NWS Cast #008 with Jeremy (Undergroundparis)

Great pic by Tomska!! (Hope he wont mind us using it in favor of MLIU :S  )

A few months ago a great thing happened for vinyl lovers and house enthusiasts. A new french vinyl-only label launched. The name is My Love Is Underground and if you havn't checked it out you should!

The label faces are Jeremy (Undergroundparis) and Izmo aka. Brawther. Both are collectors and both walking wikipedias of house and raregrooves records. This knowledge has led them to the emergence of My Love Is Underground, a label to promote great house music... as they call it: Hardcore Deep House!

Jeremy handed over this mix he recorded himself as a promotion mix for one of their parties in december. Finally we will share it on this 8th episode of the NWS Cast. We are excited and really looking forward to releasing this mix to the NWS listeners. Please support this label and be quick buying their releases because they will for sure be out of stock in no time. Next EP out comes from Jerzzey Boy before long, so stay updated!!

Check out this cool mix and support the wax! 

DJ: Jeremy (Undergroundparis)

No tracklist.

Downloadlink: http://wtrns.fr/we9-1E5ab9rvMv
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mandag den 10. januar 2011

NWS cast #007 with Moomin

We’re starting the new year with the seventh contribution for the podcast series made by German upcoming house dj and producer Moomin. And we asked him a few questions:

Q: Tell me about yourself

A: Hi my name is Sebastian I live and work in Berlin

Q: What are your musical influences

A: I started to record music from the radio at the age of 4-5.
Due to a friend in the elementary school I got in touch with hip hop in 1991-92.
The radio was my media to connect to music. Radio stations like BFPS, NDR 4, Radio one , Radio X and Evo Sonic Radio took over the biggest part.
I even listened to a radio show on DR p3 with dj Knut and dj Peter in 1994 :)
However I would say my main musical influences are Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and Jazz.

Q: What are you working on these days?

A: I work at a Berlin based company which produces software and hardware for producer`s and dj`s.

Q: You have been releasing on Aim and White in collaboration with Oskar Offermann. Can you describe your relationship to Oskar and the two labels?

A: Oskar and I are friends for over 12 years now. We started to make music together at that time, even though we lived in different cities.
Tristen, who owns Aim, is a close buddy from us, he knows our music and asked for two of our tracks.
I would like to mention that all people behind WHITE are realy closed friends for many years.
That`s why we released the "label family" ep named "tied together"

Q: Do you have any forthcoming tracks or gigs people shall pay attention to?

A: There will be my own ep on WHITE this year, maybe followed up by some other releases.

Q: What have you intended with the NWS mix? Is it for clubbing, sitting at home or the headphones?

A: It`s for you at home with tracks I use to play in clubs.

Q: Any tracks you want to highlight in the mix?

A: Some of the tunes are always in my bag plus
I added two tracks of my own. Perhaps you like them.

Q: What are your thoughts on vinyl these days?

A: I personally love, buy and play only Vinyl.

DJ: Moomin


1. Edward - viviens thieme
2. Moomin - sundaymoon
3. Newworldaquarium - trespass
4. Azymuth - jazz carnival (gb space jazz remix)
5. Chaton - +91 ahead session 1
6. France spangler - forever and a day
7. Oskar offermann - you said party
8. Circulation - patterins
9. Craig alexander - soul revival
10. Md jr. - a1 untitled
11. Moomin - chemist (dub)

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?k9pqfi3bolz54r6 (copy and paste to your browser)