lørdag den 19. februar 2011

One of many reasons to play vinyl!

So here's an interesting interview with the founder of the popular and impecable Funktion One soundsystem. He talks about sound quality and how the digital age isn't satisfying to the human perception.
Stuff to think about!


tirsdag den 15. februar 2011

Meet Egal 3 on this NWS Cast #009

(Sorin in the back and Cezar in the front... together the best friends form Egal 3)

The past year has been a great year for the Romanian duo Egal 3 aka. Sorin (Vid) and Cezar. The usual sound hailing from the romanian producers are minimal and clean, but Egal 3 does it with a playful edge making their tracks and DJ'ing surprising and spicy. In this mix they also present some of their own productions.

Q: Who is Egal 3?

Sorin : Well Egal 3 it's me Sorin and my best friend Cezar we work together as a team
Cezar : Yes 

Q: What's the status of the vinyl in the romanian clubscene these days?

Cezar : Not so big , a few people play vinyl this days
Sorin : I think it's because of the money and the costs for a vinyl
Cezar : Hard Times
Sorin : Always ( Haha )

Q: You have released some interesting new stuff on many upcoming labels like Tzinah, Esemtrax, Dot One, Flappers but also a full lenght album on Monique Musique. With this huge export of there must be some tracks you like more than others?

Sorin : Sure we love all the Egal 3 & Vid songs we put alot of love in our tracks and hard work so all are favorite
Cezar : Well my favorite is Egal 3 - Camuflaj
Sorin : And my favorite is Egal - Prefer 

Q: Are you up for any big releases soon, you want NWS to know about?

Cezar : It's a secret but it's BIG
Sorin : Yes it's very very big , but for the moment we wait for our Remix Ep with remixes from Santos , Livio & Roby , Sehou 

Q: You are both young. What and who inspires you?

Cezar : It's hard work it's a struggle with your self but we love what we are doing . It's a Dream ( Dreams & You ) haha
Sorin : Everything inspires me but i think nature sounds, organic sounds inspires me the most 

Q: You say you used both 1210's and two cdj's. What are the CD's for?

Sorin : Cd's are only for unreleasead tracks made by us or friends so in our set we put
Sorin : A unsigned Vid track 
Cezar : And a track made by Sapriori ( You )

Q: Vinyl and/or digital?

Cezar : Both because if you play on Cds , Vinyl it doesn't matter the important thing is to make the crowd feel good and have a good time and dance dance dance
Sorin : But if you are trying to keep the underground music alive we'll play vinyl my friend 

DJ: Egal 3


1. ?
2. St.germain -  alabama blues ( todd edward dub mix )
3. Audio Werner - Easygoing
4. Loco dice - jacuzzi games
5. Frankie Foncett ( Nightlife) - Bounce
6. ?
7. Audio Werner - While 
8. Sapriori -  Sweet Dichotomy
9. Ricardo Villalobos - Frank Mueller Melodram
10. Vid - SimfoniaCodrului
11. Unknown Artist - Taj Mahal
12. Peace Division - Freak This
13. ?
14. Maurizio - Domina ( Maurizio Mix )

Sorin & Cezar ( Egal 3) / Monique Musique / Secouer Records / Potobolo : Good Luck with this for keepin the underground music alive and much love from Romania!

Downloadlink: http://www.mediafire.com/?lnun4vz9345z17r 
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