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Meet Egal 3 on this NWS Cast #009

(Sorin in the back and Cezar in the front... together the best friends form Egal 3)

The past year has been a great year for the Romanian duo Egal 3 aka. Sorin (Vid) and Cezar. The usual sound hailing from the romanian producers are minimal and clean, but Egal 3 does it with a playful edge making their tracks and DJ'ing surprising and spicy. In this mix they also present some of their own productions.

Q: Who is Egal 3?

Sorin : Well Egal 3 it's me Sorin and my best friend Cezar we work together as a team
Cezar : Yes 

Q: What's the status of the vinyl in the romanian clubscene these days?

Cezar : Not so big , a few people play vinyl this days
Sorin : I think it's because of the money and the costs for a vinyl
Cezar : Hard Times
Sorin : Always ( Haha )

Q: You have released some interesting new stuff on many upcoming labels like Tzinah, Esemtrax, Dot One, Flappers but also a full lenght album on Monique Musique. With this huge export of there must be some tracks you like more than others?

Sorin : Sure we love all the Egal 3 & Vid songs we put alot of love in our tracks and hard work so all are favorite
Cezar : Well my favorite is Egal 3 - Camuflaj
Sorin : And my favorite is Egal - Prefer 

Q: Are you up for any big releases soon, you want NWS to know about?

Cezar : It's a secret but it's BIG
Sorin : Yes it's very very big , but for the moment we wait for our Remix Ep with remixes from Santos , Livio & Roby , Sehou 

Q: You are both young. What and who inspires you?

Cezar : It's hard work it's a struggle with your self but we love what we are doing . It's a Dream ( Dreams & You ) haha
Sorin : Everything inspires me but i think nature sounds, organic sounds inspires me the most 

Q: You say you used both 1210's and two cdj's. What are the CD's for?

Sorin : Cd's are only for unreleasead tracks made by us or friends so in our set we put
Sorin : A unsigned Vid track 
Cezar : And a track made by Sapriori ( You )

Q: Vinyl and/or digital?

Cezar : Both because if you play on Cds , Vinyl it doesn't matter the important thing is to make the crowd feel good and have a good time and dance dance dance
Sorin : But if you are trying to keep the underground music alive we'll play vinyl my friend 

DJ: Egal 3


1. ?
2. St.germain -  alabama blues ( todd edward dub mix )
3. Audio Werner - Easygoing
4. Loco dice - jacuzzi games
5. Frankie Foncett ( Nightlife) - Bounce
6. ?
7. Audio Werner - While 
8. Sapriori -  Sweet Dichotomy
9. Ricardo Villalobos - Frank Mueller Melodram
10. Vid - SimfoniaCodrului
11. Unknown Artist - Taj Mahal
12. Peace Division - Freak This
13. ?
14. Maurizio - Domina ( Maurizio Mix )

Sorin & Cezar ( Egal 3) / Monique Musique / Secouer Records / Potobolo : Good Luck with this for keepin the underground music alive and much love from Romania!

Downloadlink: http://www.mediafire.com/?lnun4vz9345z17r 
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