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Marc Helt brings NWS cast #25

This time we would like to present another young upcoming DJ from the underground of Denmark. He has been playing at most clubs here and even promoted, successfully, underground house music in a small Danish city where there seems to be no hope for electronic music. You have to keep an eye on this guy for sure! 

We asked him a couple of questions and here is the result......

NWS: Tell us a bit about who you are

A: My name is Marc Helt. I’m 22 years old and currently living in the northwest area of Copenhagen. I work as a kindergarten teacher in innercity, when I’m not playing in the weekends. Other than that I consider myself as a chilled out guy, with fire coming out of my ass. I want something to happen all the time and hate when time is standing still (except when I’m hungover, then it’s ok).

NWS: Normally you are playing with your friend Mikkel as the act Marc & Mikkel. Please tell us about that collaboration

A: Yeah that’s true. Mikkel and I have been playing together a few years now and we’ve had so much fun! It has taken us strange places, introduced us to some cool people, even got us friends for life. Mikkel is a dear friend of mine and we have a really good understanding when we hit the decks. At the moment Mikkel is in Thailand to shoot a tv-show and I miss him alot.

NWS: How does it feel when you don't have to share the decks with anyone and you got them for yourself?

A: I haven’t really been playing so much alone, but I mean it’s fun, and it pushes me into try finding my own personal style. This style i’m in a constant search for, but even more when it’s just me playing. Sometimes it has happened in the club, that we (Mikkel and I red.) have been arguing a bit about the next track and stuff like that, and those discussions I have with myself now of course hehe.

NWS: You are often on the line-up on the infamous club dunkel in Copenhagen. What is your relationship to dunkel and how has the place effected your DJ-career?

A: Dunkel. I play there in periods! I’ve tried playing there weekend after weekend, but I also tried not playing there for a whole year. The place in itself I like a lot. It has a cool barvibe – really intimate – so on good nights it’s the bomb to play there. I have mostly played the closing hours in there, actually once I played I fell asleep in the middle of a mix with a cigarette in my mouth haha.

NWS: We did a mix a while ago from Pitstop in Kolding for the cast. Please tell us about those parties!

A: Kolding!!!! 6000 slice town is where I’m born and raised. It’s a city in the province and it doesn’t really have a lot to offer nightlife-wise, but compared to the surrounding small cities we have a club there, which is not fucked up by bad people and bad music, Pitstop that is. My friends Jonas Rotne and Johan Høy and I we startet out a Thursday club, to have something funny to do and also a base to listen to electronic music, which at the time, was quite new to us. Apparently the clubnight grew big and we startet inviting our friends from Copenhagen and put down a bit more serious line regarding to the music. Over the years we threw 10 parties. The last party we had 600 people there celebrating the good life, and we we’re SO happy. Though we decided to end while the game was still fun!

NWS: What is the difference between the parties you hosted in Kolding and the ones you play at or go to in Copenhagen?

A: I think in Copenhagen we could use some of the foolishness we had in Kolding, in the club scene at least. Instead of thinking about big bookings all the time, and a bit more about the fun and the love!! Some people can combine this of course. I dunno it’s hard to say.

NWS: I noticed that you have been playing in paris and in berlin too.. How was that? Have you something similar upcoming?

A: As I mentioned to begin with.. Spinning records has brought me a lot of cool friend relations also outside DK. Paris was at a friends house, really fucking cool place his dad build. We had food and nice people and then I also got to see a bit of paris. In Berlin it was at Statbad wedding, the same place they have ‘Boiler room’.. This place was sick!! I was there with Samuel, Mikkel and my girlfriend Stephanie and had some cool days as always in Berlin, went to panorama bar and had cheap beers!

I don’t really know what time has to offer me. A lot of friends have some cool stuff going on. I think about crews like bunker bauer and c:u:p.. Others are working on some new initiatives and I’m really looking forward to see what’s coming from it.

NWS: Last but not least. Say a few words about the mix you made for the cast.

A: When I’m playing I never really plan out a mix and the same thing I did with this one. I put on a record and then I’m mixing. Actually I’m not really comfortable around recording mixes, but I’m working on it. I just love the vibe of the people when I’m playing – that’s why I do it! This mix both has some old tunes and some brand new ones, also some friends tracks are in there J I hope you like it. Peace!


1. Oskar Offermann & Moomin – B1 JoeMacdaddy / AIM001
2. Philipp Boston – B1 Serious Disco (Ricardo Esposito & Michael Nadjé Remix) / White017
3. GummiHz – A1 I wanna feel this / RI001
4. Italo Johnson – A1 / ITJ005
5. Omar S - 998 - A2 The White Castle Song / FXHE
6. Fellowship of the funk - A2 Everybody / FOTF001
7. Tomska - B2 Underground System / VP002
8. Vinalog - A1 Disco (Club Mix) / RELATIVE006
9. The Analogue Cops & Blawan - A1 Goodstuff/45 Dollars/ RST014
10. Alden Tyrell - B1 Tntus / CBS007
11. Maurizio 4 - B1 / M04
12. Fellowship of the funk - B2 Bring it on / FOTF001

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Chris Cheops delivers NWS cast #024

After a wicked deep mix from up and coming DJ Suleiman we are now ready for the 24'th episode. Now we have one of the guys from the NWS-crew in the mix. Christoffer's mix is a collection of records he hasn't had the chance to play out. Instead he recorded a set for NWS and this is what it sounds like:


tirsdag den 24. april 2012

House DJ Suleiman gets deep on NWS Cast #23

After Amir Alexander dropped a crazy mix right here on the NWS Cast we are back with another amazing mix for your listening pleasure! We like to present and represent a broad cast of underground DJ's, famous and upcoming local talent. This time we present a rough diamond. Young upcoming french house DJ Suleiman who is a dear friend of NWS recorded this mix and I hope it will move you like it has moved us at NWS. Recently Suleiman surprised the Copenhagen house scene by delivering an insane warmup set for Jus-Ed at Dunkel for the Copenhagen Underground Posse opening party. He will be back again as support for his countryman Brawther at the C.U.P. sequal, so if you are in the city the 28th of april 2012, make sure to drop by Dunkel Bar.

NWS talked with Suleiman about his passion and about living away from home:

Q: You are from France but are currently living in Copenhagen. Why are you living here and what do feel the city offers you?

A: I am currently in an exchange program to study architecture and design at the royal danish academy. I love this city for its calm, its architecture and its space, it makes you breathe, unlike Paris

Q: In Paris you are part of the Kollektiv crew. What is Kollektiv about and what is your role there?

A: Kollektiv is a collective I founded last year. I wanted to gather all my creative friends to create and have fun together. It is constantly evolving, it is a kind of platform; we organize but also participate to several events like exhibitions, festivals or parties.

Q: You've been helping out NWS during the last couple of months with designing the new logo. Is your aesthetic ideal visually related to your favorite sounds? And can you maybe desribe to us your sound as a DJ?

A: My favorite sounds inspire me a lot in drawing or designing, even it is difficult to visually interpret music; it is more sensations. If I had to describe my favorite sound in a few words I would say dark and groovy

Q: Tell us about Paris, the scene for house and techno, its ups and downs. What do you miss about the city and what would you like to see changed?

A: I think there is a big up at the moment, a lot of collectives organize good parties, bringing vinyl and deepness back to life. On the other hand you have the classic famous clubs, but it is no longer what it use to be in the 90's. Maybe some of the public should focus more on music than names or places. I don't miss Paris that much, I love Copenhagen !

Q: I've only seen you play vinyl - never any digital formats. Why not save the money, weight and time and just play digitally?

A: I love vinyl because you can feel it, it has some kind of spirit. When you love something, money doesn't matter.

Q: Finally, is there anything you would like us to know about the mix?

A: I would like to thank NWS and Samuel Andre Madsen for all the good vibes !!! I hope people will enjoy the story ! Keep it deep !



Floating Points - Myrtle Avenue / Eglo
Sun Glitters - Beside Me (Essày's Calm Interpretation) / Kann RSD
Norm Talley - Cosmic Waves (XDB Remix) / Pariter
Efdemin - Night Train (Fred P Reshape) / Dial
Joe Babylon - Issentec / Roundabout Sounds
Dj Ra Soul - Side Rail / So Sound
Ethyl & Huxley - 3 Feet High / Saints & Sonnets
Blakkat Ft. Mark Bell - Back 2 Me (Anthony Nicholson & Matt Cashdollar Mix) / Fi.nal.e Music USA
Delano Smith - Togetherness / Sushitec
Next Evidence - My Music / Basic Records
Ron Trent - Pop, Dip & Spin / Balance
Fresh & Low - Stay The Night / Guidance
Blaze - Moonwalk / Funky People Records
Black Jazz Consortium - New Horizon / Soul People Music

onsdag den 14. marts 2012

Amir Alexander on the decks - NWS Cast #022 this is!


It is not very often that we at NWS meet people who are totally on the same wavelength as us when it comes to music, vision and passion. Amir Alexander is such a person. in 2006 he started Vanguard Sound as a base for his music but over a decade before that he was spinning records. Passion for vinyl, production and DJ'ing runs in his veins. His parents bought him his first turntable at the age of three. When we first heard this mix we were astounded by the vibe that floated through the mix. The blend of techno, house and acid as it is mixed here takes balls but it is most of all a product of vision and feeling. It seems so straight forward, so playful and yet it is done with the thorough insight and longtime experience that only time behind the decks can give.

We asked Amir a few questions, so please enjoy 5 minuts of Q&A with this man! And keep an eye out for him in the future!!

NWS: You run the label Vanguard Sound which is currently on its third release. Tell us about the ethos behind this project?

Amir: Yes, I co-own it with my good Friend Mr. Chris Mitchell, but we are currently preparing our second release actually.
I am aware that starting your label with a record called volume 3 is bound to be confusing. LOL.
The ethos of the label is no nonsense street level high art at it's core. We stand in opposition to hype and excess by putting an emphasis on originality and quality with a rough, blue collar edge.

NWS: The name Amir Alexander has really come to the attention of DJ's and producers during the last couple of months especially because of your recent Sound of Thought Podcast. What has this attention brought with it?

Amir: It has..... oh really? Well, I guess that's a good thing. Let's see the main thing the so called attention has brought me is a few new friends on facebook and soundcloud. Some really cool everyday heads who enjoy the music we all love. People who now know that I exist. That is a good thing, and I am very grateful.
The "attention" has also brought a lot more hurry up and wait to my life. Which in essence means that not much has changed. What I mean is this.... You can't build a house with one brick. Therefore, I have to keep grinding. Some people might be checkin' for me a little bit, but I'm still hungry. Money is still tight, and I still don't have bookings, so I keep it moving like it never happened. I like to give thanks, but not get caught up in the hype.

NWS: It seems like you and other DIY people from the east US stand together and promote each other like crazy. I'm talking about the connection to Plan B, Machining Dreams, Novel Sound, Black Catalogue etc.. Tell us what it means to you to connect with other people about music.

Amir: It means everything. That's what it's really all about right? People coming together. Here in the states our music is a rare oddity, we just try to support each other I guess. There are so few of us doing it that at some point it's pretty hard not to go from fan to acquaintance. As we get to know each other, the bonds of mutual respect increase.

NWS: You've been producing since 98 and DJ'ing since 93. What is the most important to you in your musical career?

Amir: Great, yet nebulous question. The thing that is the most important is that I have anything that could even resemble a music career. It has been a dream for most of my life, so having a career at all is a great thing, but I would have to say that the people, places and things that have created so many lovely memories are most important...... yes, the people I have met along the way.

NWS: I must say that your mix for NWS probably is the most spectacular and original mix we've had so far. You told me after recording it that you really pushed yourself with this mix. How so?

Amir: Man.... Thank-You! That's a huge honor because NWS cast has hosted some amazing musicians thus far.
I always try to do more than just present tracks. I like to take two records and make something new. A third track if you will. I really wanted to take records that were old, and make them new by actually making the mixes be the feature instead of the tracks themselves. I wanted to fuck shit up so to speak. To get reckless and go balls out.
I push myself by exploring the limits of my technical ability by really allowing the records to be mixed for longer than most other DJ's. Coupled with a desire to harmoniously merge disparate sounds to create something completely new. After the actual technical hurdle, one must make it all make musical sense. I like to create entire sonic alternate universes. Little twilight zones of musical craziness.

NWS: Why do you play vinyl?

Amir: Because I am a DJ. What else would I play?
When I was three years old I received my first record player for Christmas. My parents were tired of me always fooling around with their records so they bought me my own. I grew up with records.
Records are what I love, and nothing has or ever will be able to come close to replacing them.
I play vinyl because technics 1200 mk2's are my instrument. On them, I'm working to be a great like Jimi Hendrix was on guitar. For me to play CD's is like asking Jimi to play a trombone.
I do it so that it will survive atleast one more generation, and I play vinyl because it's hard. I am attracted to things that the general masses find too difficult to attempt.
I could go on for days........

NWS: Last but not least we are proud to present this mix of yours as part of the North West Soul. I feel that we share the same ideals and purpose for this culture and I sincerely wish all the best to you and hope that you know that you too are shaping NWS into what it is.

Amir: Thank-You very much for the opportunity. I has been a pleasure. Hopefully people will enjoy my sonic experimentation.
Peace out to all of the underground heads, and Special Request to the Vanguard Crew!!!


CiM - Nissan
Robert Hood - Realm One
Amir Alexander - Transcend
Chris Mitchell - Lonely Nights
Basement Jaxx - Paradise
Amir Alexander - Necessary Sanctuary (3 AM Mix)
Glenn Underground - Disco, House, Etc.
Ian Pooley - Chord Memory
Octave One - Phatima
Armando - Pleasuredome
The Original Creators - Flash Back 86
Gene Farris - Wall to Wall
Captian Star Gazer V/S Commander Mind Fuck - Allied Against Nivar the Floor Killer
Nina Cherry - Buddy X (Masters at Work 12" House Remix)
Barada - Death of a Robot pt. 1
Night On Earth - Crux
Rekleiner - The State of Things
Pepe Braddock - Deep Burnt
L.A. Williams - Lights Down Low
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You 

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Contribution #21 by Dj Aakmael

We've now brought in Dj Aakmael from the states for the 21'st mix on the cast. When his Headknod EP on Earthrumental Music came out it was all clear that Aakmael was the man for NWS cast. He has now made a set for us and you may enjoy this as much as we did listening to it! While listening you may read the interview:

Q: Who is Greg "Aakmael" Stewart? You come from a musical family eh'?
A: Greg Stewart is the alter ego of Dj Aakmael, kinda like Jekyll and Hyde. Greg is the one that is of the world, Aakmael is out of this world on some space sht searching for the planet he's really from. As far as Greg Stewart's family, yes I've had a few influences. My mother loves to sing, morning noon and night she was singing something. Whether is was soul, gospel, holiday classics or whatever. My father was a trombone player in his high school band, college and then in a local group for some time. Although I've never met my uncle, I learned that he too was a music scholar and teacher that taught music at Hampton University. Then it was my turn, started in 5th grade playing clarinet and moved to tenor sax. High school I played baritone horn, tuba and other brass instruments. I also wrote top 40's music for the stand band for football games.
Q: When did you start producing music?
A: Well, I've had keyboards and access to organs pretty much all my life and actually started producing music recording on cassette at a very young age. As far as professionally tho, I think around 2001 when I got a Korg Triton. I had a hip hop group called Evolution Enterprise that I did all the tracks for, and was very close to presenting the project to the world and BOOM - the problems started and the group split. At that time I was also messing with some house and soon came out with the ep on Bumpin' City Records called Unexposed Evolutionz. After that, just tryna keep it movin'.
Q: Seems like you have found your own expression and special sound with your "Deeper motions", "The Headknod EP" and "Music EP" on Uzuri. But I know you also produce some R&B and hip hop tracks. How would you describe yourself as a producer?
A: Yes I still produce hip hop, and also do work with a few local Richmond, VA artists. Headknod and Music ep's were a couple of my fav's, and that type of deep house is where I'm rooted. I love the basic, raw deep vibe, tracks that are not overproduced in my opinion. There are many producers out here in the house world that aren't even doing house, it's some kind of other stuff being dubbed as house. As a producer, I would describe myself as one with a mature ear. What I mean by mature, I'm saying that I've been listening to house and all other forms of music for so long that I know what I like, I know what would work for a dance floor and for a label. I like my music to have a very distinctive sound and feel, and I also think I would be a very good A&R for the right company :)
Q: You also have your own radioshow on the radio called WDCE in Richmond where you live. Can you tell us a about that initiative?
A: Ahhhh WDCE 90.1fm I did a show called The Housejunkies which started in 1989 and ran until just a couple of years ago. I would be bold enough to say it was one of the longest running deep house music radio shows in history, playing all music with little or no commercial interruptions. We were like XM and Sirius before the whole satellite thing got started. That show allowed me to hone my dj and mic skills, and as the years went on I started bringing special guests and expanding. One day I will share some of the classic mixes that I still have on cassette tapes!
Q: And this questions keeps coming back since we're vinyl lovers: Why vinyl?
A: I come from an era like many of us, where records and tapes were the norm of that time. I started collecting records at a very young age, all kinds of music ranging from rock to electro to classical to jazz, house, rap, rnb, etc., and it just never stopped. Now I will admit, I do use Serato these days because I feel to be a good dj one has to be adaptable. Too many clubs out there no longer have turntables. I also started using interfaces because I really didn't want to keep transporting records, as over the years I started finding pieces "missing". I felt in order for me to keep my collection safe I needed to start transferring to files. It's also difficult to guage a sound system with a digital file, analog has no issues with this. It's the nostalgia that comes with records, from the process in which they are manufactured to the art that 's applied to the label and jacket and the love of physically diggin' for new purchases. There's nothing like it that will ever compare.

Soundcloud link:

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Young Danish DJ Dee Brown returns to NWS Cast

Daniel Bruhn aka. Dee Brown needs no introduction here on NWS Cast. He is only 16 years old and rules the 1's & 2's like an oldtimer. The last time he did a mix for us it was all deep house and most of it new productions. On this mix he shows a wider side of his taste which is also more matured. This kid age fast and in the direction of a bright future. Keep an eye on this guy!

Q: It's been a while since you made your last NWS mix. How has it been going for you since?

A: It has been going very well! I began at the gymnasium (equivalent to a US high school) this summer to follow the music program, which i've been very happy about so far. I have also started a radio/blog /mix/interview site for Dunkel Bar this January, where we i.e. release mixes and interviews from danish as well as international DJ's and producers. Among others we've had the NWS crew Samuel and Christoffer (2 Bit Crew) as well as XXXY, KiNK and Falty DL. Check I also get good gigs these days and on the side I am working on an EP with my brother for his record label Studiestrasse. It actually couldn't be any better, hehe…

Q: It seems as if you've played on most clubs for electronic music in Denmark. Have you reached your goal?

A: There is a couple of places in DK here I really want to play - Culture Box, V58… apart from that the next goal must be to play in other countries.

Q: You are still very young. What do you feel is the most interesting in your life right now (not just musically)?

A: Hehe that's a tough question, but I would say that Dunkel Radio is the most exciting and inspiring that I'm doing at the moment. We get the opportunity to interview and even play alongside some of our favorite producers and DJ's (John Roberts just to name one), and also I really enjoy working together with the dunked radio crew. At times it can be hard, but it's a fun job!

Q: Are you still playing vinyl?

A: Yes, I am playing 99% vinyl when Im out! I use cd's to play own productions. Vinyl forever!

Q: You've begun to produce more music. Have you given it any thought to why you want to make music and not just DJ?

A: Actually I haven't. It just feels natural to make music apart from DJ'ing. I truly enjoy both things very much!

At last I want to thanks NWS for letting me be a part of their cast. I really feel it has brought me forward and I don't think that I would have gotten this far this fast if it had not been for the fact that the NWS crew has taken me under their wings!! Thanks!


The Analogue Cops - Untitled #1
Big Strick - War Dance
Gemini - Soho
VA City 2 City - All The Time
Johannes Volk - The Power Of A Vision
Stephen Brown - Speak
The Analogue Cops - Untitled #3
Appointment - Reel To Real A2
Mondo - Work Me Baby (Rootstrax Remix)
MD2 - MD2.4.3
2562 - Wasteland (Head High Remix)
Bleak - Ekko
WK7 - Higher Power
Tripmastaz - Utilized Stock Sounds
John Heckle - Ancient Deep
Anton Zap - Clarksville


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Chicago's Hakim Murphy On The Decks! NWS Cast #019

While house music often by many is thought of as being something created by one intention only - to make people dance - it isn't that superficial with chicago DJ and producer Hakim Murphy. Art, emotions and well reflected aesthetics seems to be fundamental for his productions. Hakim is running two labels, Machining Dreams and Synapsis Records which both have gained respect among DJ's worldwide.  With an early mentor found in Fast Eddie (a pioneer in acid house and hip house, you might remember from the acid classic from '88 entitled "Acid Thunder") his way as a DJ was paved. Tired of hearing the same tunes weekend after weekend at the clubs he started to make a difference buying and playing new records.
As a DJ he definately stands out with a well composed and thought of mix which is rough but still packed with soul. We had a chat with Hakim and since he loves promoting records he made a thorough tracklist for you as well. Check it out after the interview and mix.

Q: Why and when did you decide to become a music producer and DJ?

A: I decided to become a dj first and this was because I was a dancer. I got fed up with the music at the parties I was frequenting due to the fact that people were playing the same tunes over and over. I felt there was no reason for the djs to be playing the same few tunes in each of their sets. So I started to go the record store and buy some vinyls. At the time I was into all this Dance Mania stuff, and then I bought one table and then Fast Eddie whom I'd been dancing for sold me another deck and that's how I started playing records.

Production came a little later, because I was hanging around Fast Eddie and he was making tunes, and lots of people I knew were making music. So I got an mpc2000 and started working on tracks. After a few years of being casual about making tunes do to college, I finally decided to get serious, work on my craft and decided to go to school for music. I fell in love with the whole art form and realized I could work out my frustrations through djing and making beats. It's like one of those things, once you discover it, it's like how was I living life without these activities before.

Q: You seem to be very aware of your craft and the moods and aestetics within. Can you sum up what it is exactly you want with what you do? 

A: With my music and sets, I want to portray myself, what I am feeling so people may subliminally understand me just through the music. I think I would like people to know me through this tonal communication of feelings. Each tune or set is just a moment in time in which you can see my mood for the moment it was recorded. So it's a historical document of my feelings that sometimes grooves, sometimes very minimal, but always very rhythmic.

Q: When it comes to music history the city of Chicago is central. Where do you see yourself in that history?

I see myself as a contributor to the history here. I try and collaborate with my Chicago peeps as much as possible. I feel I will have some small place in this history with the two record labels, two blogs, writing reviews, and releasing music. I think my body of work will speak for itself. I am interested in pushing Chicago and its sound forward. Only looking back for reference and homage, so we'll see where I fit in this whole history, but even if I am forgotten about years from now; I know that I stayed true to myself and did the type of music that I wanted to do.
Q: Your mix for NWS shows a pounding insisting groove with beautiful harmonies from rough basses and leads. What did you intend with the mix and where was it recorded? 

A: I went to New York to play with DJ Spider and Dakini9 the weekend of January 20th. So I had an idea, I called Spider and I was like I should record a podcast for NWS at your lab in the Bronx. He was down, so we did it, but I only had time for one take because we were making music prior and had to get ready to go to the gig. In essence it was a warm up for the gig, because I wanted to practice a little before I left to play; I had to keep the wheels greased. The mix itself is some of the stuff I was going to play later that night, and I brought mostly my own tunes and lots of Chicago and Detroit music. I figured if I am going to play in NYC, no need to bring any of that underground East Coast American or European produced tunes from my collection. I figured I should play acid and jack tracks for the people. Because there is nothing worse to me than a foreign or American dj from another city that comes to Chicago and play lots of Chicago music. Everyone here has heard that hundreds maybe thousands of times. So this set reflects my Chicago sounding set for the NYC heads.

The podcast tempo is a bit slower than what I played that night, the first record is a Theo Parrish cut from Spider's collection and I thought it would set off the mix right. So I was in slow-motion mode to start and plus it's harder to keep a beat with the slower tempo as it was a great warmup for later that night.

Q: Passionate Vinyl DJ's are a main focus on the NWS Cast. Why do you play vinyl? 

A: I play vinyl because I love it so. I remember the first time I got one of my tunes on vinyl I was so excited, then I remember the first four track EP that came, I was even more excited. I am always making tunes intending them to be on vinyl at some point. Now I have two many tunes in reserve and cannot possible get them all out on vinyl because I am trying to create a good music collective with my labels.

With that being said, I love the feel of playing on 1200's and picking out my vinyl pieces before I go play, it still feels good to blend some records together and each time I look at artwork on a vinyl, I can remember the feeling that a particular record gave me. Cds and files are cool, but I have no such connection like that... So I am going to play and make vinyl until it is no longer possible.


[00:00] Theo Parrish - Dirt Rhodes - Sound Signature - SS015
[04:55] Tevo Howard - 60660 - Beautiful Granville Records - BGR6
[07:48] Specter - Pipe Bomb - Sound Signature - SS042
[11:44] Leron Carson - China Trax - Sound Signature - SS012
[14:47] T.O.M. Project - Renaissance - Sound Signature - SSTOM1
[19:28] Chicago Skyway - London Streets (Hakim Murphy Remix) - Uruzi - Uruzi 017
[23:30] DJ Rush - 10 Inch Club Kid - Dance Mania - DM 095
[26:00] Hakim Murphy - Essential - Machining Dreams - mdreams005
[30:00] Saturn V - [Kontrol] Your Mind - Relief Records - RR2031
[34:40] Mauser - Controll - Generator Records - GEN030
[37:15] Chip E. - It's House - House Records - CHP001
[39:45] Hakim Murphy - Wiggles - Metamorphic Recordings - MET022
[42:11] Armando - Don't Take It (Thomos Edit) - Let's Pet Puppies - LPP 003
[44:34] Hakim Murphy - Alkame - Machining Dreams - mdreams001
[48:00] Hakim Murphy - Work in - Plan B Recordings - pbr023
[50:48] Hakim Murphy - The Artificial Tsunami - Machining Dreams - medreams001

søndag den 1. januar 2012

Leandre DJ turns up the heat on this NWS Cast #18

It's been a bit more than two weeks since DJ Spider from New York dropped his tunes. Now we turn to Paris once again to see what the underground has to offer. Leandre DJ is not known to many but trust me this guy know whats up! He is running the label voulez-vous where he releases his own productions, and apart from that he is just one of the best house DJ's around! Listen to the mix and you'll know it!

Q: The mix contains 23 tracks, which all has an incredible drive. What are you looking for in a record? What makes you go "wow! I need to get this" about a record?

A: it must have the groove, as long as it's moving me it's good..we all know that house music is a feeling, well, if we feel it then the track is good...

Q: It seems the past year has been great one for the old skool deep house. Brand new labels put out oldskool sounding stuff and upcoming producers try to get that early 90's sound right on there productions. Do you have any thoughts about this "revival" of the old skool?

A: Music from back then was going straight to the point, a good basseline, a nice kick, some hi-hats & that's it...with youtube, discogs ,people have easy access to old stuff now & they realizing that the 80/90's music has that feeling we all looking for..

Q: Tell us about the mix. How was it recorded and where?

A:  i recorded the mix yesterday night at home..

Q: When did you start buying records? What made you start collecting vinyls?

A: i actually started dj in 1994, but i was djing on cds...& the good music was released on vinyls so i started buying vinyls to record them onto cds so i can play 2000 i just decided it was time to buy turntables & that was it...

Q: How is the scene in Paris for some proper house music?

A: that's a good question...probably La Java when MyLoveIsUnderground label is invited to play or Nouveau Casino maybe....don't go out very much anymore in Paris....

Q: You are producing some great tunes also. Can you reveal some prospects for your music in 2012?

A: well, an EP on Undertones should be released at the beginning of the year don't know when exactly....some EPS on Parker MusicWorks & probably some 7inches for some reedit on my Voulez-Vous label...