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House DJ Suleiman gets deep on NWS Cast #23

After Amir Alexander dropped a crazy mix right here on the NWS Cast we are back with another amazing mix for your listening pleasure! We like to present and represent a broad cast of underground DJ's, famous and upcoming local talent. This time we present a rough diamond. Young upcoming french house DJ Suleiman who is a dear friend of NWS recorded this mix and I hope it will move you like it has moved us at NWS. Recently Suleiman surprised the Copenhagen house scene by delivering an insane warmup set for Jus-Ed at Dunkel for the Copenhagen Underground Posse opening party. He will be back again as support for his countryman Brawther at the C.U.P. sequal, so if you are in the city the 28th of april 2012, make sure to drop by Dunkel Bar.

NWS talked with Suleiman about his passion and about living away from home:

Q: You are from France but are currently living in Copenhagen. Why are you living here and what do feel the city offers you?

A: I am currently in an exchange program to study architecture and design at the royal danish academy. I love this city for its calm, its architecture and its space, it makes you breathe, unlike Paris

Q: In Paris you are part of the Kollektiv crew. What is Kollektiv about and what is your role there?

A: Kollektiv is a collective I founded last year. I wanted to gather all my creative friends to create and have fun together. It is constantly evolving, it is a kind of platform; we organize but also participate to several events like exhibitions, festivals or parties.

Q: You've been helping out NWS during the last couple of months with designing the new logo. Is your aesthetic ideal visually related to your favorite sounds? And can you maybe desribe to us your sound as a DJ?

A: My favorite sounds inspire me a lot in drawing or designing, even it is difficult to visually interpret music; it is more sensations. If I had to describe my favorite sound in a few words I would say dark and groovy

Q: Tell us about Paris, the scene for house and techno, its ups and downs. What do you miss about the city and what would you like to see changed?

A: I think there is a big up at the moment, a lot of collectives organize good parties, bringing vinyl and deepness back to life. On the other hand you have the classic famous clubs, but it is no longer what it use to be in the 90's. Maybe some of the public should focus more on music than names or places. I don't miss Paris that much, I love Copenhagen !

Q: I've only seen you play vinyl - never any digital formats. Why not save the money, weight and time and just play digitally?

A: I love vinyl because you can feel it, it has some kind of spirit. When you love something, money doesn't matter.

Q: Finally, is there anything you would like us to know about the mix?

A: I would like to thank NWS and Samuel Andre Madsen for all the good vibes !!! I hope people will enjoy the story ! Keep it deep !



Floating Points - Myrtle Avenue / Eglo
Sun Glitters - Beside Me (Essày's Calm Interpretation) / Kann RSD
Norm Talley - Cosmic Waves (XDB Remix) / Pariter
Efdemin - Night Train (Fred P Reshape) / Dial
Joe Babylon - Issentec / Roundabout Sounds
Dj Ra Soul - Side Rail / So Sound
Ethyl & Huxley - 3 Feet High / Saints & Sonnets
Blakkat Ft. Mark Bell - Back 2 Me (Anthony Nicholson & Matt Cashdollar Mix) / Fi.nal.e Music USA
Delano Smith - Togetherness / Sushitec
Next Evidence - My Music / Basic Records
Ron Trent - Pop, Dip & Spin / Balance
Fresh & Low - Stay The Night / Guidance
Blaze - Moonwalk / Funky People Records
Black Jazz Consortium - New Horizon / Soul People Music

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