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Leandre DJ turns up the heat on this NWS Cast #18

It's been a bit more than two weeks since DJ Spider from New York dropped his tunes. Now we turn to Paris once again to see what the underground has to offer. Leandre DJ is not known to many but trust me this guy know whats up! He is running the label voulez-vous where he releases his own productions, and apart from that he is just one of the best house DJ's around! Listen to the mix and you'll know it!

Q: The mix contains 23 tracks, which all has an incredible drive. What are you looking for in a record? What makes you go "wow! I need to get this" about a record?

A: it must have the groove, as long as it's moving me it's good..we all know that house music is a feeling, well, if we feel it then the track is good...

Q: It seems the past year has been great one for the old skool deep house. Brand new labels put out oldskool sounding stuff and upcoming producers try to get that early 90's sound right on there productions. Do you have any thoughts about this "revival" of the old skool?

A: Music from back then was going straight to the point, a good basseline, a nice kick, some hi-hats & that's it...with youtube, discogs ,people have easy access to old stuff now & they realizing that the 80/90's music has that feeling we all looking for..

Q: Tell us about the mix. How was it recorded and where?

A:  i recorded the mix yesterday night at home..

Q: When did you start buying records? What made you start collecting vinyls?

A: i actually started dj in 1994, but i was djing on cds...& the good music was released on vinyls so i started buying vinyls to record them onto cds so i can play them...in 2000 i just decided it was time to buy turntables & that was it...

Q: How is the scene in Paris for some proper house music?

A: that's a good question...probably La Java when MyLoveIsUnderground label is invited to play or Nouveau Casino maybe....don't go out very much anymore in Paris....

Q: You are producing some great tunes also. Can you reveal some prospects for your music in 2012?

A: well, an EP on Undertones should be released at the beginning of the year don't know when exactly....some EPS on Parker MusicWorks & probably some 7inches for some reedit on my Voulez-Vous label...


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