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Marc Helt brings NWS cast #25

This time we would like to present another young upcoming DJ from the underground of Denmark. He has been playing at most clubs here and even promoted, successfully, underground house music in a small Danish city where there seems to be no hope for electronic music. You have to keep an eye on this guy for sure! 

We asked him a couple of questions and here is the result......

NWS: Tell us a bit about who you are

A: My name is Marc Helt. I’m 22 years old and currently living in the northwest area of Copenhagen. I work as a kindergarten teacher in innercity, when I’m not playing in the weekends. Other than that I consider myself as a chilled out guy, with fire coming out of my ass. I want something to happen all the time and hate when time is standing still (except when I’m hungover, then it’s ok).

NWS: Normally you are playing with your friend Mikkel as the act Marc & Mikkel. Please tell us about that collaboration

A: Yeah that’s true. Mikkel and I have been playing together a few years now and we’ve had so much fun! It has taken us strange places, introduced us to some cool people, even got us friends for life. Mikkel is a dear friend of mine and we have a really good understanding when we hit the decks. At the moment Mikkel is in Thailand to shoot a tv-show and I miss him alot.

NWS: How does it feel when you don't have to share the decks with anyone and you got them for yourself?

A: I haven’t really been playing so much alone, but I mean it’s fun, and it pushes me into try finding my own personal style. This style i’m in a constant search for, but even more when it’s just me playing. Sometimes it has happened in the club, that we (Mikkel and I red.) have been arguing a bit about the next track and stuff like that, and those discussions I have with myself now of course hehe.

NWS: You are often on the line-up on the infamous club dunkel in Copenhagen. What is your relationship to dunkel and how has the place effected your DJ-career?

A: Dunkel. I play there in periods! I’ve tried playing there weekend after weekend, but I also tried not playing there for a whole year. The place in itself I like a lot. It has a cool barvibe – really intimate – so on good nights it’s the bomb to play there. I have mostly played the closing hours in there, actually once I played I fell asleep in the middle of a mix with a cigarette in my mouth haha.

NWS: We did a mix a while ago from Pitstop in Kolding for the cast. Please tell us about those parties!

A: Kolding!!!! 6000 slice town is where I’m born and raised. It’s a city in the province and it doesn’t really have a lot to offer nightlife-wise, but compared to the surrounding small cities we have a club there, which is not fucked up by bad people and bad music, Pitstop that is. My friends Jonas Rotne and Johan Høy and I we startet out a Thursday club, to have something funny to do and also a base to listen to electronic music, which at the time, was quite new to us. Apparently the clubnight grew big and we startet inviting our friends from Copenhagen and put down a bit more serious line regarding to the music. Over the years we threw 10 parties. The last party we had 600 people there celebrating the good life, and we we’re SO happy. Though we decided to end while the game was still fun!

NWS: What is the difference between the parties you hosted in Kolding and the ones you play at or go to in Copenhagen?

A: I think in Copenhagen we could use some of the foolishness we had in Kolding, in the club scene at least. Instead of thinking about big bookings all the time, and a bit more about the fun and the love!! Some people can combine this of course. I dunno it’s hard to say.

NWS: I noticed that you have been playing in paris and in berlin too.. How was that? Have you something similar upcoming?

A: As I mentioned to begin with.. Spinning records has brought me a lot of cool friend relations also outside DK. Paris was at a friends house, really fucking cool place his dad build. We had food and nice people and then I also got to see a bit of paris. In Berlin it was at Statbad wedding, the same place they have ‘Boiler room’.. This place was sick!! I was there with Samuel, Mikkel and my girlfriend Stephanie and had some cool days as always in Berlin, went to panorama bar and had cheap beers!

I don’t really know what time has to offer me. A lot of friends have some cool stuff going on. I think about crews like bunker bauer and c:u:p.. Others are working on some new initiatives and I’m really looking forward to see what’s coming from it.

NWS: Last but not least. Say a few words about the mix you made for the cast.

A: When I’m playing I never really plan out a mix and the same thing I did with this one. I put on a record and then I’m mixing. Actually I’m not really comfortable around recording mixes, but I’m working on it. I just love the vibe of the people when I’m playing – that’s why I do it! This mix both has some old tunes and some brand new ones, also some friends tracks are in there J I hope you like it. Peace!


1. Oskar Offermann & Moomin – B1 JoeMacdaddy / AIM001
2. Philipp Boston – B1 Serious Disco (Ricardo Esposito & Michael Nadjé Remix) / White017
3. GummiHz – A1 I wanna feel this / RI001
4. Italo Johnson – A1 / ITJ005
5. Omar S - 998 - A2 The White Castle Song / FXHE
6. Fellowship of the funk - A2 Everybody / FOTF001
7. Tomska - B2 Underground System / VP002
8. Vinalog - A1 Disco (Club Mix) / RELATIVE006
9. The Analogue Cops & Blawan - A1 Goodstuff/45 Dollars/ RST014
10. Alden Tyrell - B1 Tntus / CBS007
11. Maurizio 4 - B1 / M04
12. Fellowship of the funk - B2 Bring it on / FOTF001

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