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NWS cast #007 with Moomin

We’re starting the new year with the seventh contribution for the podcast series made by German upcoming house dj and producer Moomin. And we asked him a few questions:

Q: Tell me about yourself

A: Hi my name is Sebastian I live and work in Berlin

Q: What are your musical influences

A: I started to record music from the radio at the age of 4-5.
Due to a friend in the elementary school I got in touch with hip hop in 1991-92.
The radio was my media to connect to music. Radio stations like BFPS, NDR 4, Radio one , Radio X and Evo Sonic Radio took over the biggest part.
I even listened to a radio show on DR p3 with dj Knut and dj Peter in 1994 :)
However I would say my main musical influences are Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and Jazz.

Q: What are you working on these days?

A: I work at a Berlin based company which produces software and hardware for producer`s and dj`s.

Q: You have been releasing on Aim and White in collaboration with Oskar Offermann. Can you describe your relationship to Oskar and the two labels?

A: Oskar and I are friends for over 12 years now. We started to make music together at that time, even though we lived in different cities.
Tristen, who owns Aim, is a close buddy from us, he knows our music and asked for two of our tracks.
I would like to mention that all people behind WHITE are realy closed friends for many years.
That`s why we released the "label family" ep named "tied together"

Q: Do you have any forthcoming tracks or gigs people shall pay attention to?

A: There will be my own ep on WHITE this year, maybe followed up by some other releases.

Q: What have you intended with the NWS mix? Is it for clubbing, sitting at home or the headphones?

A: It`s for you at home with tracks I use to play in clubs.

Q: Any tracks you want to highlight in the mix?

A: Some of the tunes are always in my bag plus
I added two tracks of my own. Perhaps you like them.

Q: What are your thoughts on vinyl these days?

A: I personally love, buy and play only Vinyl.

DJ: Moomin


1. Edward - viviens thieme
2. Moomin - sundaymoon
3. Newworldaquarium - trespass
4. Azymuth - jazz carnival (gb space jazz remix)
5. Chaton - +91 ahead session 1
6. France spangler - forever and a day
7. Oskar offermann - you said party
8. Circulation - patterins
9. Craig alexander - soul revival
10. Md jr. - a1 untitled
11. Moomin - chemist (dub)

Download link: (copy and paste to your browser)

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