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NWS Cast #006 by our friend Mikkel Metal

Three months ago I asked Mikkel Meldgaard aka Mikkel Metal if he wanted to make a mix for NWS. The reason I asked this dubtechno king about a mix for a house music cast, is because I saw him play some housetracks in the basement at Culture Box, and it made an impression! His excellent production skills and critical ears most certainly effects his trackselection which is amazing! In this mix Mikkel gives you an insight to his deep house recordcollection, and whether you are new to the genre or old in the game you will love these tracks! Exquisite selection and personal presentation of house that goes beyond deep!
  I asked Mikkel a few questions:

Q: You usually produce and mix dub techno and ambient. What are we in for here with this mix?

A: As requested it's a mix of more or less house. And since this lies a little outside the genres I primarily work in, I thought it could be interesting. 

Q: You have had a long carrier on Echocord with remixes from Marcel Dettmann, Mick Huckaby and Cassy to name a few. Do you have a release you are particularly nostalgic about?

A: I would have to say Echocord 02. This record still has a special place for me. 

Q: Why is this special to you?

A: For nostalgic reasons: It reminds me very much of a periode in my life. But also because it contains some very personal and refined electronic music.

Q: What is in store for the future?

A: I've got some releases scheduled for the beginning of 2011. A 12' on echocord, a track on the echocord 50 compilation and a track on Kompakt's Pop Ambient 2011. Besides that I'm working on a lot of new material in different genres. So hopefully some of this will end up in new releases too. 

Q: You have been DJ'ing and playing live in the big cathedral in Copenhagen during the past two years. What is that like to play in a room and a place like that?

A: First of all you have the best natural reverb in the town. Moreover I like the quite atmosphere, and the fact that the music isn't drowning in loud talk and beers. There's room for contemplation, something that's all too rare nowadays. And then as a Dj I also like to play ambient, because there's no requirement of rhythm and danceability. This gives you another kind of musical freedom.

Q: Any new upcoming releases or gigs you want us to know about?

A: The releases I've allready mentionend above. I'm really looking forward to the Echocord compilation with 8 excklusive tracks from Deadbeat, Resoe etc. 

Q: Your trackselection is exquisite! Any tracks you want to highlight in the mix?

A: Theo Parrish has been one of my favourite producers for a long time, I have to highlight his track. And of course the Levon Vincent track. I really like the way he keep dissolving the track with a remarkable sensibility. 


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  1. 1. Fred P: Project 02 (Underground Quality)
    2. Efdemin: Time (Dial)
    3. Theo Parrish: You forgot (Sound Signature)
    4. Levon Vincent: I ow You Everything (Novel Sound)
    5. Big Strick: Click it or Ticket Niggic!! (FXHE)
    6. Sound Stream: All Night (Sound Stream)
    7. Roy Davis Jr: All I do (FXHE)
    8. Housin Projex Vol1.: I Want You (Black Soul)
    9. Wax: no 30003 (Wax)
    10. Herbert: The Audience (Matmos Shifted My Tongue) !K7