fredag den 26. november 2010

NWS Cast #005 up now!!! Download :)

So NWS is back with a new mix from Sapriori. Winter has come and to keep you warm we went to Culture Box the 25th november to record a rather warm and moody houseset from the NWS resident Samuel André Madsen aka Sapriori. Omar S was supposed to play that evening, but without any warning what so ever he didn't show up, so we made it an intimate and special night in company with gooood friends from the CPH underground. Thanks to Marc & Mikkel, Simon Nathanael and last but not least David Havstein for making this a great night. To make this set Sapriori used 2x 1210's, A&H92 and a CDJ to play his own two tracks (see tracklist below). Enjoy and support the black wheel!

Q & A

Q: a few words about the mix?

A: my brother Simon Nathanael had just been playing a sweet minimal liveset so from there I wanted to make it a bit more dirty and housy. Turned out fine I think! I especially want to highlight the Javonntte track which is too cool for skool and the John Swing and Appointment guys keeping it real and analog ALL the way from jammin' to the vinyl cut. Look forward to those tracks on the mix and if you havn't bought the records I believe they will be classics and they belong in your bag! Takes balls to do what they do! ...and oh yes... the Sagat vocals on my track Comp Express I used without asking him... I am sure he won't mind :)

Q: how was the night

A: a big disappointment that Omar S didn't show up and while knowing nothing about his reasons for not coming I think that he shows to be a dick to his fans....especially because it is freezing outside and some people turned up only to be led down. But with that said we decided to make the best of it and as with all parties where good friends are together this one was really good too... The people who came and stayed all had a good time, so thanks for that! And it was the first time I was on the same flyer as my brother Simon so that was special too. :)

ENJOY THE MIX!! and leave feedback... it is appreciated!

DJ: Sapriori

1. Russ Gabriel - Sat Vremena (Leena Music)
2. Jon McMillion - Solette Simms (San Proper's Movetek Mix) (Nu Earth Kitchen)
3. Kenny Dixon Jr - LTD1 A1 (promo)
4. Kyle Hall - After Fall (Rush Hour)
5. Javonntte - We Go Way Back (Original demo tape) (Moods & Grooves)
6. Solab - Celestial Tales (Lifeworld)
7. Sapriori - The Northwest Cave (Tzinah Records...out soon)
8. Ken Ishii - Echo Exit (Jeroen Verheij Remix (R & S Records)
9. Roc & Kato - Heart & Soul (On Me) (Roc& Kato Progressive Mix) (Unda'ground Records)
10. Gene Farris - Wall to Wall (Studio RAT Remix) (Farris Wheel Records)
11. Alex Picone & Kaysand - What? (Mus Records)
12. Sapriori - Comp Express (Sagat Vox Version) (unreleased)
13. John Swing - Check It Out (Live Jam Records)
14. Appointment - A2 (Appointment 002)


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  1. welcome back S. I was sad I couldn't be there Thursday, but now I'm happy I can give your mix a listen anyway /Kasper