søndag den 31. oktober 2010

NWS Cast #004 up for download!

Now we're ready with the fourth mix in the NWS podcast series. Since it's made by half of the NWS team, you guys will not get an interview. Buuut a podcast without an interview doesn't decrease the quality of this mix(!) which is a mixture of tracks that suit in different moods. Some deep house tracks build the foundation to a very groovy and housy session! 98% vinyl, keeping the black wheel alive!!

DJ:Chris Cheops


1. BLM & Pawas - Waiting Game (Sudden drop)
2. Willie Graff & Tuccillo - Do it (Circus Company)
3. Axel Boman - Purple Drank (Pampa)
4. 2400 Operator - Cheatin (Underground Quality)
5. Shakarchi & Straneus - Iraq (Geography)
6. Shlomi Aber - Tap Order (Ovum)
7. Patrick Specke - Antman (Delano Smith Remix) (Hello? Repeat records)
8. Rills - Pee Snow (All inn)
9. Big Zis - Suure Rage (Agnes Remix) (Nation music)
10. NoiDoi - Reverbuit (Barraca Music)
11. Massimo Di Lena - 9991 Highway (Cadenza)
12. La Pena - Snare master (La Pena)
13. Alex Picone & Kaysand - Irish (MUS002)

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?5bohl903ryxm542 (copy and paste to your browser)

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