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NWS Cast #003 up for download!

When NWS did this interview it actually came out a bit longer than expected, but never the less we got some interesting things out of this experienced guy who has achieved many goals since he started spinning records in 2004. Throughout his youth, his main influences was repeatedly House and Hip Hop music, which went on to form his musically tastes today. From intimate spots to big room parties, Festivals and radio shows around Europe Dan M has played his deep and steady grooving DJ sets. Therefore we are proud to present a deep and groovy house mix with heavy influences from Chicago and Detroit made by Dan M! Enjoy!

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself

A: "Life is wonderful but I am a douche" is my new self-made slogan and sums up my life pretty good. I spend too much time with my computer and too little with my friends. I am passionate about love and music. A bit too much really..

Q: Are you working on any productions yourself these days?

A: Just finished an EP with my partner in crime James Braun and personally I am trying to finish a solo EP I have been working on a bit too long.

Q: Is it hard to find time to produce your own things?

A: Not really. One just gotta prioritize the music-making. Of course reality interferes sometimes and you gotta take care of business and make some money at a part time job or hustling the streets selling crack to kids.

Q: What are you working on these days?

A: Mix tapes, solo tracks, spreading the word and trying to fill up my calendar with gigs and things that make me happy.

Q: When you take a look in your gig-calendar you see several jobs here in Denmark, but also in Berlin. A gig in Berlin is for many DJ’s one of the biggest goals you can achieve. How do you feel about playing at famous venues like Cookies, Weekend Club etc.?

A: Been asked that question a lot. "How did you manage to get gigs outside Denmark". Well, Communication has been the key for me. It all started with throwing parties and booking international acts and DJs. Making friends across the borders and sharing the love for music. Regarding Berlin and the feeling of playing there well it cant compare to any other place I have ve DJ´ed . Both clubbing and DJing in Berlin is very special. The culture is completely different from for example Copenhagen.

People have another way of partying. They have the time and patience it takes for a DJ to do his/her thing no matter the time of day or night.

Q: What is your best DJ or live experience you have had in- or outside Denmark?

A: It is a difficult question cause I have some beautiful memories both inside and outside of Denmark. Latest was this years Distortion Festival. You should have been there!!

Q: What is your favorite club in Denmark?

A: Right now and for quite some time Dunkel has been my absolute favorite. Its the closest you get to Club Der Visionäre and Panoramabar my two favorite spots in Berlin.

Q: What have you intended with the NWS mix? Is it for clubbing, sitting at home or the headphones?

A: I have a very fragile mixer so my only real intension was to be as gentle as possible with the "buttons" so nothing would go wrong doing the recording. Otherwise I just started playing on a random sunday morning. Went quite slow cause thats how I like it best when Im mixing at home. Regarding the mixer only one channel crashed in one of the last mixes so I was lucky today.

Q: What did you use for recording this mix?

A: 2 x Technics 1210´s, 1 x Pioneer CDJ 800 and then a very fucked up Pioneer DJM 800. Ran it all thru Logic.

Q: Any tracks you want to highlight in the mix?

A: I think each track in the mix has their own qualities but I absolutely love the opening track from Theo Parrish. Sascha Dive has some killers on his latest album and really like the deep and dark sounding "The get out of the ghetto blues" he made. "Detroit" by Delano Smith I have been spinning endlessly and always keep a bunch of Delano tracks in my bag.

Q: What are your thoughts on Vinyl these days?

A: Vinyl sounds so damn good lets keep it alive!

DJ: Dan M


1. Theo Parrish - Soul Control
2. Craig Alexander - Soul Revival
3. DJ Dealer - Chicago
4. Above Smoke - Burning
5. Innocent Lovers - Neophunk (Ryo Murakami Remix)
6. Delano Smith - Detroit
7. Sascha Dive - The get out of the ghetto blues
8. LoSoul - Dogma
9. Osborne - Wait a minute (Arto Mwanbe Remix)
10. Boo Williams - Day and night
11. Discreet Unit - Shake ya Body down
12. Dario Zenker - Down, then there
13. Harmony Funk - Can´t let you go (Marco Bernardi Remix)

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