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NWS Cast #002 up for download!!!

For the second NWS cast Romanian DJ Faster shows off his skills in an exceptional mix featuring Deep n' Groovy housemusic, of course mixed on 99% Vinyl!! NWS had a little chat with the young and busy DJ and producer Laurentiu Suciu aka. Faster.

Q: What do you do beside dj'ing?

A: Mastering in engineering on transport and telecomunications and producing

Q: So is it hard to find time for your productions?

A: Well not really. I can always find time to finish up my tracks

Q: What are you working on these days?

A: I`m working on finished my next ep. have 3 tracks done already. just need one more to complete my desire hehe. have like 3 or 4 labels in mind in my maillist. so let`s see who`s open for new ideas

Q: When Romania has been mentioned it's usually with the names Petre Inspirescu, Rhadoo, Raresh and Livio & Roby. What do you think of the scene in Romania and the export of electronic music from there?

A: I think the sound from our producers here in romania has been well known all over europe and this sound is bringing a new hype through-out clubbing. so, it`s a good thing like in every country with a huge amount of clubbing. romania wants to bring all the elites here :-) and export the best.

Q: It also seems that the mood in the productions coming from the majority of romanian dj's are more constant, the design of the tracks are more longstretched and minimal in it's approach. 

A: Some of them have minimal trends, some of them have more more tribal and deep house moves. I am always trying to bring the oldschool sound in front.

Q: What is your favorite club in Romania if anyone should want to go there clubbing?

A: Studio Martin in Bucharest and Midi in Cluj-Napoca. Wicked sound, wicked vibe, best dh's, and a great set-up.

Q: What have you intended with the NWS mix? Is it for clubbing, sitting at home or the headphones?

A: Well it`s a little bit of both starting with a low deep house, then rising up a bit to a groovy session.

Q: What are your thoughts on Vinyl these days?

A: I hope everyone turns back to basics :-)

Q: What did you use for recording this mix?

A: I'm using a mixer xone 92 slide-o, two 1210's and 2 cdj 800's.

Q: Any tracks you want to highlight?

A: Not specially. But keep an eye out for my tracks hehe

DJ: Faster


1. Anton Zap - Taj Mahal ( STORY 004)
2. Alex Agore - Cafe au lait  ( 4 Lux Black Holland)
3. Leonel Castillo -  CDR
4. Oskar Offermann & Moomin - Joe MacDaddy (AIM001)
5. Sascha Dive - Drums of the jungle (Deep Vibes)
6. Chembass - Make me feel (Nordik Net)
7. Chris Carrier - Turn in out (Robsoul Recordings)
8. Scope - 8 track (Large)
9. Livio & Roby - Pam Pabam  (Desolat)
10. Playing 4 the city - Ask me (Derrick Carter rmx)
11. Faster - In the city 
12. Okain - Scream (Nina Kraviz rmx) (Tsuba)

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