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NWS Cast #027 - Richard Zepezauer (Nsyde, Diamonds & Pearls)

( https://soundcloud.com/nws-cast/nws-cast-027-richard-zepezauer )

You don't have to have released numerous EP's and get the best reviews to actually be one of the more sought after and respected DJ's. Playing at the finest clubs of Berlin, where he resides, Richard Zepezauer has earned a great amount of respect from all members of this scene we call house and techno... But that is not all! In fact, Richard is quite a connoisseur when it comes to both classical and jazz music. He knows his music history and knows what very few DJ's know, which is to actually play those records in DJ'sets.

It was a strange feeling when I received this mix from Richard. I was completely astounded by the journey I was led on, I honestly had no clue where he would take me next, but I felt that it was somewhere new, amazing and unexplored. It's been running on repeat since and I can't stress this enough... This is one of those mixes that you will probably treasure for a long time.

Richard Zepezauer is working at Diamonds & Pearls distribution in Berlin, he is running Nsyde Music and he's producing and re-interpreting music on the side. I had a talk with Richard about his music aesthetics, experiences and ideals.

NWS: How is life treating you lately?

RZ: going up and down again, just like it should. 

NWS: You have played many of the respectable venues of Berlin including the renowned Panorama Bar. Is their some point in your carrier you feel as a turningpoint and why?

RZ: the real turning point was my decision a decade ago to change from my archeology digging to my much bigger obsession music. i cant  say there was a turning point after that change. maybe i can point out my work for the berlin label scape.  which was an inspirational time, and it sharpend my view on certain things in music life. 

NWS: You are working for the vinyl distribution Diamonds & Pearls (DnP) in Berlin - a distribution that is growing fast and is known for distributing quality electronic music - where you obviously must be listening to alot of other producers' new material. Do you get inspiration from your work to perform as a DJ?

RZ: I was always a passioned record digger, and i tried not to miss any music which was worth owning and playing. It had always been a lot of work to go through all monthly releases to find the few music pearls. nowadays it takes even more time due to still rising numbers of monthly releases. In the end its more the other way around, that my DJ and Record digging experience helps me for my work for DNP. But of course its not the worst to be surrounded by so much new good music.

NWS: I know that lately you are producing tracks with your friend Daso but that you also have taken on a major project reinterpreting some classical compositions. Can you reveal more about that?

RZ: These are two fields of interest im happy to be able to follow at the moment. Indeed im in the studio together with my friend Daso and we are  experimenting with ideas for new tracks. We have a lot of fun and its very interesting as we both  sometimes see certain things from very differrent angles.  Seems to be a fruitful konstellation for our music. 
    I just finished a project for the Berlin "Akademie der Künste" where i was asked to be part of a reinterpretation of the classical opera "Das Rheingold" of the controversal composer Richard Wagner for his 200 years anniversary. It was a great experience to work with a classical ensemble and experimenting as a DJ with classical material.  I was working with 3 turntables, a digital delay and a roland drummachine for that. it was highly inspirational i can already say that. 

NWS: We recently met in the DnP office where you spoke to me about your recent gig at the Panorama Bar with a great amount of eager and brightness in your eyes. It must have meant something special to you?

RZ: I had a wonderful time playing at the Panorama Bar due to the fact that i had the pleasure to play at my favorite musical time between 8am-11am on a sunday morning. for me its a very special time because the hearts and ears of the people start to open up for a broader range of emotions in music. Im happy that this moment was recorded by the Panorama Bar. I had biggest fun.  

NWS: Your contribution to the NWS Cast series is litterally outstanding.

I don't think we've had anything quite like it in our series before.

It seems as if genres is indifferent to you here? Did you have some

kind of aesthetic vision?

RZ: I recorded this set after coming back from playing another Sun Ra special evening with Mike Huckaby in Hamburg. It was a lovely night and the people didnt want Mike and me to stop playing our Jazz from outta Space. back at home i was in still that mood and i simply played "space". 
Those Sun Ra nights are always a big pleasure for mike and me as we truely believe in the outstanding highly influential work of this genius. 

NWS: Why do you play vinyl?

RZ: Im not dogmatic, but personally i need a spiritual AND a physical relationship with my beloved object of lust - in this case its vinyl.  

 NO TRACKLIST... start digging!

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