onsdag den 5. oktober 2011

NWS cast #15 is brought to you by Anders Vendelbo

Last time we had Oskar Offerman and Edward on the decks making a great contribution for the cast. Now it is time for a new mix and this time it is all about paying a tribute to some of the great upcoming DJ's we've got in Denmark. Anders Vendelbo is surely an upcoming guy from Århus and is a good friend of ours. He has made a great deep mix even though he usually is known for his tight techno-sets. We have made an interview so you guys can get a bigger picture who Anders is! 

Q: Who is Anders Vendelbo? Tell us a bit about who you are!

A: I’m 22 and from Århus, working as a chef in a small place in Århus. Besides being chef I’m in love with music and have been a DJ for 3 years

Q: Try to describe the house scene in Århus!

A: The house scene is extremely small in Århus. Though we are a couple of people who join the events every weekend to keep the scene alive. Furthermore we got some DJ’s who really manage to show their love for the music when they play!

Q: I know you normally play techno. So how was it to record this mix for NWS?

A: Yes I do! But at the time goes by I play more and more house. I had a lot of fun recording the mix. A lot of the tracks have been my favorites for a long time and therefore it was a pleasure finally creating a mix with those tracks.

Q: Do you think there are any pro’s and con’s playing techno and house?  

A: No, not at all. It’s all about combining the tracks in the right way.

Q: Last but not least: What do you think about vinyl?

A: Its funnier to play with vinyl and it takes a lot more craftsmanship spinning vinyls. Vinyl gives you something to care about. My vinyls are some of the most fragile things I’ve got and I can spend a lot of time putting them into order, listening to them, feeling them etc. And you still hear the big vinyl-DJ’s fuckup sometimes and that’s important! There isn’t anything that is more boring to hear an Ableton DJ play 5 hours without making any mistakes. That just doesn’t happen on vinyl! 

DJ: Anders Vendelbo

Soundcloud link: http://soundcloud.com/nws-cast/anders-vendelbo-podcast-nws

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