torsdag den 17. november 2011

LAAK - NWS Cast #16

I remember when I first stumbled upon LAAK soundsnippets on the online record store. I heard two tracks and hit the "BUY"-button - it went right in! I hadn't heard of LAAK before nor the label Austere. These guys where doing it all by themselfes.

So about the mix... a few weeks ago our local Danish DJ Anders Vendelbo made a raw house mix for us as the 15th NWS Cast, and to follow up on that, we've invited LAAK (Austere) to do a house mix. What they sent us is amazing and we are very thrilled to have the guys be a part of the NWS Cast. The mix makes us smile and dance. It's uplifting and that's just what people need during this cold and dark winter. We talked with LAAK asking them about their label and views on vinyl.

Q: Tell us about LAAK? You are two guys in the project right?
A: yeh that's right were just 2 guys and we'rejust basically doing our thing!

Q: You've had three releases on Austere and they seem to be ripped away very fast. What is Austere and why have you started your own label for your productions?  

A: Austeres all about giving people good quality music in it's rawest form!! We're not into any frills!! We just want to release real music that the true deep house heads will appreciate! Kinda like how it used to be back in the day!!

Q: What inspires you to make the music you do and play the records you play?
A: We have such a vast array of musical influences which between us is very eclectic, so it's quite difficult to explain how we draw inspiration... But lets just say if it sounds good we'll play it regardless the genre of music!

Q: What are your views on Vinyl? 
A: It's just crazy to think that there's dj's out there and they probably never owned vinyl! We're all for bringing back vinyl hence our releases being on vinyl only! There's nothing like the touch, feel and sound of a record :))

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