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Edward & Oskar Offermann - NWS Cast #014

                               (left: Oskar Offermann. right: Edward)

It's been a little while since the last NWS Cast, but we are back bigtime!!! 

Edward and Oskar Offermann from Berlin recorded the mix exclusively for NWS and we are proud to have them join the cast. As usual with  NWS we asked them a few questions about their history, visions and the mix.... and of course it's vinyl only!

Q: So you are good friends right? How did you meet?

Yeah, we are very good friends. Basically we both come from the Frankfurt and we knew each other from there. But we weren't close until we've met again in Berlin about 7 years ago.

Q: What are the reasons the two of you got into house music? 

House music !

Q: The White and Aim labels has had a good start and is now well established. In your opinion what's the reason in starting your own label and not just signing with some other label?

More flexibility with all the basic decisions. We like developing a good products from the early start until the final end. The "You said party, I said maybe" release from us on WHITE is a very good example, why we like to do it our own way.

Q: How did this mix happen? And do you want to hightlight a track or two?

We wanted to do a mix which is not characterized by great ups and downs but a warm and calm feeling which is long lasting. So every track is kind of a highlight to us. Besides the classics, Moomin's wonderfull work describes most precisely what the mix wants to say. His 12" "Heads or Tails" will be out on WHITE soon.

Q: You live in Berlin, as do thousands of other DJ's and producers. What do you like in particular in the Berlin Underground House Scene?

I don't think you can really call it "underground". It is a very huge, and variable scene. There are big big clubs which are packed weekend after weekend with thousands of people. The quality is still very good. But it doesn't feel like underground at all. Basically every grandmother is a DJ in Berlin...

Q: What are you views on vinyl? Why do you play vinyl?

Playing vinyl affects everything: the mix, the sound, your creativity, the crowd.... Its the most naturall way to express yourself as a DJ. We are very curious where the future takes us, but until now, NO digital set we've heard touched us the way vinyl can.

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