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Imugem Orihasam Shares Ol' Vinyl on the NWS Cast #013

Not many pictures can be found of Imugem Orihasam. That kind of adds to the whole presumption many people have about the Japanese being a modest and humble people. Having got to know Imugem some bit that presumption has for me become an awareness. On the north island of Japan, long away from Tokyo Imugem resides making some of the deepest tunes of electronic music coming out of Japan. He releases on Ilian Tape, Finale Sessions, Esperanza and the new Berlin label Nsyde Music This is a personality we at NWS want to meet musically. This set is much like the cassette mixtapes a lot of us made back in the day for our own - or some loved one's - listening pleasure. Your selector Imugem Orihasam says "hi!":

Q: Tell us about yourself Imugem. You are working with public
transportation right? 

A: My name is Imugem Orihasam, I was born and raised in Japan.
I was making Hip Hop music in the mid 90's-2001 and I met great old music and vinyls all over the world through Hip Hop artists who sampled music like DJ Premire, Pete Rock, Main Source etc... It's things what I never heard before. Also in those days I was working for a second hand vinyl shop, in there I found some great records and met some collectors too. So this is an introduction to my music as far as I remember.  Now I am working with transportation yes. That's not good. But I lessen time there and I want to spend more time making music.
Q: Japan is known among DJ's from Europe and the US, to be a place for
some really amazing parties. What's the scene like over there?

A: To be honest I don't go to parties - well, though I think it's not bad, it's not big like Europe though (some friends of mine are trying to some goods as the best).

Q: You are not a DJ you told me, but still you made this amazing mix,
which I really connect too. The music reminds me soo much of all the
cool tracks I heard when growing up. Is that what you had in mind with
this mix or is it something ells?

A: I sold lot's of vinyls for money and I know there is strong vinyl collectors in the world and I am no match for them. So songs in this mix are just what I like. Much respect to all songs and artists that's included in this mixtape.

Q: Tell us about your productions. What is your aim with your music?

A: I'm doing mainly 4/4 electronic music now, people grasp that kind of dance music. That's very nice but I don't care about danceable or not. Also I think music is not just style. I want to expand capacity as inside of myself and should challenge various things that I never did before - I don't finish in only one field, that's my aim.
Also currently I should get more and more vinyl releases ... Especially I want to do more Techno than my previous releases.

Q: What are you views on vinyl?

A: Vinyl is very good, but music is most important. That's what I think.
More of my vinyl releases coming very soon, check me out!
Thanks Samuel for all, big up to labels and all the parties concerned, big love to my wife Megumi.

DJ: Imugem Orihasam

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