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Esther Duijn gives you NWS Cast #012

picture: Esther in the mix!

We're back once again people!

This time Esther Duijn from the Netherlands brings you a cool mix. Many things can be said about Esther: She's talented both as a DJ and as a producer, she's beautiful and she's a vinyl enthusiast - a collector who is passionate about the analouge media. Esther Duijn first cought our attention when the D.A.D. (a collaboration between Esther, Steady Douglas and Anonym) EP from the label Exquisite Music came out in 2009. Her ability to bring soul and groove into her production and mixes is outstanding and turns everything she touches into a deep story that will keep you intrigued by it. 

She recently signed with our friends from Geography Records and just released the debut EP on the label Feel Harmonic with Steady Douglas and with a remix from Anton Zap himself.

NWS is all about the personal stuff so we wanted to give the listeners and readers a chance to meet Esther in the form of a little interview:

Q: Who is Esther Duijn? Tell us a bit about yourself.

Esther: Duijn (last name sounds like "Dune").. I have been a electronic music lover since 11 years old, started playing records at 15. The way producers & dj’s created a fantasy world with these rhythmic electronic sounds inspired me to make & play the music I loves so much. I have been collecting vinyls for over a decade now. And started making music about 4 years ago. Music is my first love and it will be my last lol =)

Q: You recently signed with swedish Geography Records who are friends of NWS and only does vinyl releases. How did you meet the guys and what's the pros and cons with vinyl-only releases do you think?

Esther: I have had the privilege to play in both Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmo. I met the Geography boys through the guys who booked me in Gothenburg (Fabian, Alex, Goran etc). It was a mouth 2 mouth add actually to be honest. And Adam and Oscar listened to my sets and our Duijn & Douglas releases and they liked it.. So they booked me and one thing lead to the other. Both Steady Douglas and me are proud to be artists on this HQ deep label!!
Also you asked about vinyl only releases.. There are a couple of labels we work with that do vinyl-only and I love that. I am a vinyl dj  by heart, as I mentioned before I collect vinyls myself. So when Steady and me release tracks they have to be pressed on vinyl. But as evolution is undeniable I do see the benefit of doing a digi-release next to vinyls. So I prefer myself that the vinyl is released and after a month the digi comes as well... We can't deny the new technology. Though for me personally I always play the vinyl iso the digital.

Q: You also just released a track on Feel Harmonic with Steady Douglas. I know you have worked with him for a long time but how did you come to work together?

Esther: I meet Steady Douglas 4 years ago at a local Amsterdam event called Voidd, He was involved with Voidd for many years and they asked me if I wanted to come and play for them.. He has been making music from the time you still cut tape to sample sounds and I was just working on making music myself for a little while. I asked him if he could teach me some stuff and we sat together. It turned out we had an amazing click, he liked my deep approach on music and I think he is a groovemaster pur sang.. We became very good friends in the process so Duijn & Douglas was born.

Q: About the set. It has a deep dubby vibe this one, What is it about the genre that speaks to you? and what does it say? :-)

Esther: I have always been fascinated about the deeper sounds of electronic music weather it is deephouse, deep disco dub, deep detroit techno. I like to find new ways to approach that deeper sound. Sometimes I play mixes that are purely one style but for this mix I mixed dubtechno & the deeper chicago sound in a more uptempo vibe.. for me all my sets represent what I love and I want to share my love with you... so I hope you love it too ;)

DJ:   Esther Duijn


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