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Sapriori & Chris Cheops deliver NWS Cast #011

 pic 1: Chris Cheops

pic 2: Sapriori

So the place was Kolding, a small city in the outskirts of Denmark where some good friends of us threw a party to bring housemusic to the province. The place was crowded with highschool kids wanting to have a good time, so we, Christoffer aka Chris Cheops and I (Sapriori) wanted to give them some great partytunes. We recorded some of it and really want to share this timepocket with you. The mix serves great as a partystarter so download it and play at your warmup parties or take it with you on your iPod.

Chris and I asked each other a few questions so here we go:


Chris: Define your style as a DJ and as a producer furthermore how you have developed over years

Sapriori: Well, it's kind of hard at this point because I have so many urges as direct respons to my mood. When people ask me what style I am playing I am usually just saying: "What everybody ells is playing," since the term Deep House or just House is vague to people nowadays. People have a veeery defined and specific taste in house and techno which can of course be a good thing, but too often it is accompanied by a rather shut and closed attitude towards other electronic genres and sounds. Good comes in all shapes, I believe, and what I try to do with my DJ sets is the same as my productions. I respond to a mood with different sounds and grooves. I think every DJ and producer does that and if not it's just too bad - and impersonal! So with this mix me and Chris was in the party zone and we both have a love for 90's house with a twist of UK Garage, so we tried to incorporate that in the mix - it will get you in the mood, I'm telling you!!

Chris: What's your inspiration?

Sapriori: Lot's of things! Sunsets, moonlight and oddly enough silence is very moving. But also the roughness and boldness of producers like DJ Qu and Omar S. Fred P's stuff I feel connected to, because it has this melancholic beautiful atmospheric improvising spirit about it. That comes from the heart regardless of rulesets! Some inspirations from back in the day: Alan Parsons Project, Boards of Canada, Underworld, Pink Floyd, Lightnin' Hopkins, Miles Davis to name a few.

Chris: Tell us about your recent work and your new/upcoming releases

Sapriori: I have spent the last few months fooling around with minimal house and dusty tough deep house trying to expand my borders as a producer. Just released an EP on Tzinah (some tracks I did a year ago). A few releases are coming up too: one on StudieStrasse, one on Monique Musique with remixes from my friends Egal 3 and MHM 1 and one on Nsyde Music, which I am especially excited about since it's on vinyl and it will be released under my real name Samuel André Madsen, cus I have a special connection to those songs... you know: no trouble, no blues, no good music.... ha!

Sapriori: So what are you up to? Tell us about your production, DJ'ing and party Flak:

Chris: I'm still a young kid, so I'm on my last year of high school. But besides school I have always been into music. Since I were 12 years old I have been playing bass. Later on I got hooked on DJ'ing since I bought my first 1210's as a 15 year old kid. I started playing tech house but after hearing some old school DJ sets made by Sneak, Lil Louis etc. I got hooked on house from all over the world. Especially the New York, Chicago and Detroit sound inspired and still inspires me a lot. I've just started producing my own stuff that could be defined as something in between oldschool house and deep house. It is kinda hard to define my music at this point of my producing period, since I have so many ideas that should be put into context and hopefully the outcome of my ideas will be positive. I update my soundcloud nearly every week with new wips and soon I think I will put an EP together with some of my finished work. I started a club called Flak in October 2010 with two friends in Århus that puts a greater focus on underground house music. We love to bring in live acts since it gives something extra for the audience and in general for the whole club-experience. We have presented acts such as Skudge, Dana Ruh, Soundstream, And.ID, Shlomi Aber and 2400 Operator. The 6'th of May Kink will play a live-set that will be awesome (hopefully), and then we will take a summer break and maybe return even stronger to the danish club scene!

Sapriori: You live in Aarhus - a city that over the past year or two has become associated with heavier bookings and parties - what's the story and when did you become a part of the movement?

Chris: Well I think the scene in Århus has been progressing during more than five years. There has always been a house and techno scene but it was more local or national DJ's who played around Århus in more or less small places. I'm not that old yet, so I tell what I have heard through other friends from Århus. But since the last part of the 90's and in the start/mid 2000 the house and techno has been in growth with rave-parties in big warehouse buildings, heavier bookings and of course a bigger crowd. I think I became a part of the movement when I played the first time at a club called Swingerklubben (Swingerclub) in 08/09, where acts such as Wareika and the Keinemusik-crew have played. And in these days we got Flak and of course the Vektor crew who has build up a great club where they have presented Ben Klock, Tama Sumo, Nick Höppner, Deetron, Scuba and many more. The crowd still wants more and therefore I think the scene will be progressing very positive during the next couple of years, since we got some young minds that really are into good quality electronic music!

Sapriori: We have just past the Record Store Day and the discussion going on is whether or not the analog wax deserves increased attention or should fade away. Why do you prefer vinyl?

Chris: This is a hard discussion since the digitalization age is over us and sooooo many(!) people love the new way of deejaying. Personally I prefer vinyl because I love to feel and touch what I am playing, I love the sound and shortly I love everything about vinyl. I think it is fair that some people chooses to play digital, but I know that there is a market for analogue wax these days and of course it should stay. It is a special feeling that I can't describe when I get my box of 12'', and I open the box and put a new record on my technics. I've spent much money on both the vinyls themselves but also the freight and it is so satisfying to feel and listen to what you have spent almost all your salary on. It is a hobby for me and it is even more satisfying that you can share the hobby by playing the 12'' for the crowd in the club every Friday night.

Sapriori: And last but not least: Tell us about the night this mix was recorded and if there's anything in particular with the mix we should know?

Chris: Yeah, we had some fun by doing this mix and it is really my style of house. We did not talk much about how the set was going to be, only that it should be funky and housy and that deal went, in my opinion, very well. It consists of some old school records from the 90's such as a garage classic that I've been playing the last months. And my partner in crime, Sapriori, did well too by choosing his tracks carefully. The mixtape really fits into a warmup for a good clubnight with the friends, so please enjoy and feel the party mood!

DJ's: Chris Cheops & Sapriori
Recorded at a party in the province of Denmark


1. Leif - So Long (feat. Donna Lea)

2. Jordan Peak - Kooch

3. The Martinez Brothers - The Causeway

4. Joss Moog - Room 27

5. DJ Sneak - Smokey Hill Street

6. Phil Weeks & Joss Moog - Over like a that track

7. 24 Hr Experience - B2

8. DJ Sneak - Che-Chez Fame

9. 24 Hr Experience - Allnighter

10. Tuff Jam - Key dub (version99)

11. CVO - Mighty Real Groove

12. Jolynn Murray - It's time to party

13. MCDE - There is a truth (feat. Stee Downes)

14. Ladzinsk - All night

15. Gemini - How Can I

16. Walt J - Divinity EP (A1)

17. Kerri v Nina - Westwind

18. Soundstream - Dance with me

19. Audio Werner - ?

20. Fries & Bridges - Just because (ghetto mix)

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