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NWS Cast turns 10!!! Danish talent Dee Brown is on!

So let me start with saying that this is BIG

Dee Brown aka Daniel Bruhn Jensen is probably the youngest active DJ in Copenhagen. Only 15 years old!!!!!... Which means he's not even old enough to hit the clubs, but that doesn't stop him from doing so! So when NWS got to know this kid it turned out that not only was Dee Brown an aspiring talent, but skilled too. His taste is refined and mature which you will hear yourself on this 10th episode of the NWS Cast. 

After doing this mix in the north west of Copenhagen NWS had a little chat with him.

Q: Who is Daniel Bruhn Jensen apart from Dee Brown?

Like any other 15 year old I go to school, but apart from that I'm all about music. Besides DJ'ing and producing, I've been playing guitar for nearly 4 years. I was actually a little heavy metal head once, and that's (believe it or not) what inspired me to get into music. Bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden was a huge inspiration back then, but I slowly moved away from it, and I now play more alternative rock and blues like for example Radiohead, Them Crooked Vultures, Eric Clapton and Guthrie Govan.

Q: You are one of the youngest DJ's in Denmark. What is the ups and downs being a young DJ?

One of the downs if of course being young. It's hard to get into some clubs and even harder to get the connections you need to play at that club someday.
One of the ups is that I think it's easier to break through when you're young, as you probably get more attention if you play well, compared to if an adult DJ plays well.

Q: Why did you become a DJ? Where do you get your inspiration?

My brother Mads (Jazz Menson/Massimo - Studiestrasse Records) introduced me to house music in 2009 and I immediately got hooked, which resulted in Mads' giving me his 2 CDJ's and mixer in october 2009. Since then I haven't been able to go one day without spinning. Mads is without doubt my biggest source of inspiration. He has introduced me to a world that I have come to love more than pretty much anything else.

Q: What are your views on vinyl?

I got a love/hate relationship to vinyl. There's just something special about having a vinyl record compared to a CD or mp3 file on your computer. The format, the artwork and the sheer weight of the record. It's just way more "satisfying" to play vinyl compared to CDs. On the other hand I hate vinyl, because I can't resist buying new records every month, and since I don't have a job, I'm totally broke after each time I buy records haha. But it's totally worth it. I'll never stop supporting vinyl.

Q: What do you have in store for the NWS listeners with this mix?

Deeeeeep tunage! I had in mind to give the listeners something that would be great to get you grooving before hitting the town, and I'm very happy about how it turned out. Recorded it at Sapriori's place on 2x Technics 1210 mk5 and a Allen & Heath Xone 42.

Q: Rumor has it you've started to produce also? 

Yes that's right. I haven't had a lot of time to produce lately because of exams coming up and stuff, but ill be putting up previews on my soundcloud asap, so stay tuned!

Q: Without a doubt you must have many exciting years ahead of you. What are you up to? What are your dreams and hopes? 

I'm up to quite a lot at the moment actually. Got some gigs in the next couple months at Dunkel, Bakken and KB18. Really looking forward to them all, especially the one at KB18, as it is me and two friends who are arranging it!
I don't really got any dreams or plans for the future. I'm just going to keep on working as hard as I can and see where it takes me.

DJ: Dee Brown

1. Anton Zap - 38 - Ethereal Sound
2. DJ Spider - Antikythera Mechanism - Plan B Recordings
3. RNDN - Third Hand Smoke - Laid
4. Homework - Sunday Sun - Enterbt
5. BLM & Pawas - Waiting Game - Sudden Drop
6. Anton Zap - Can't Tell You - Ethereal Sound
7. Homework - Back Fourth - Enterbt
8. John Roberts - Relate - Laid
9. Soundstream - Deeper Love - Soundstream
10. Shakarchi & Straneus - Iraq - Geography Records
11. Audio Soul Project - Call Of Grace (Milton Jackson Remix) - Fresh Meat
12. Unknown - STABLO9998_A - Stablo
13. The House Nerds - Library Session NO. 4 - House Nerds Audio
14. Soundstream - All Night - Soundstream

download from this soundcloudlink: Download

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