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Saverio Celestri - NWS Cast #031

We like to keep a finger on the pulse of the scene not just to keep up to date with what's going on, but also to help push new talent and new crews. Saverio Celestri is definately a noticeable beat we feel will come your way in the future. He is no more than 20 years old and already shows great prospects. His sound and style is more mature than you would think. It seems to me that Saverio's musical understanding is based in emotion rather than in any form of idolization of particular currents or tendencies. He's a young gun with power, energy and a message and you gotta love that!

In 2013 Saverio moved from his home, the small city of Treviso (north of Italy). Like so many others he moved to Berlin to pursue his dream and aspire as an artist. Here he earned a residency with the Select*Elect crew, an established London party crew that recently moved to Berlin where they are throwing intimate parties and running a podcast etc.. He is releasing more and more records on significant labels such as Owen Jay's Batti Batti and Kina Music. It's safe to say that Saverio is settling as a young new artist and producer with a mature sound and we at NWS supports and respects that! We had a chat with Saverio and this is what he had to say:

LINK TO THE MIX: Saverio Celestri - NWS Cast #031

NWS: Can you describe the local scene where you had your beginning?

SC: I had the first official gig on March 16th 2008, at the Shock Club, c/o The Max, one of the most known venues in my home town. In the beginning I received big support from my friends ( RE-UP ) owner of Kina Music, and here in Berlin from the slow-life team.

NWS: Why did you move to Berlin? What do you think it has done for you to move there?

SC: I’ve decided to come here at the age of 19 because in Italy the clubbing scene was actuallly dead. Berlin is really important for my musical evolution. Here i found the chance to know the roots of the underground house/techno music.

NWS: Your mix speaks of a guy who is not just playing the new tunes coming out, but also digging. What's your funniest "crate-digging" experience?

SC: I'm always looking for new music, but from this year I will be giving more attention to the old tunes from the 90's. Back then I think music was made with bigger soul and quality.

NWS: You have a new EP coming now on the label Nothingwithx, a 3-track EP of more bumping tracks than other of your more deep productions. You seem to be a versatile producer. Would you say you have a sound?

SC: Nice question! I made those tracks like two years ago, but had some problems with the release date. Now I'm evolving my sound. My next releases will be more techno orientated but always with lots of pads and atmospheres.

NWS: What do you want to achieve with your music?

SC: Actually I don't want to be famous, I'm just doing this for passion. Music has been part of my life since the beginning, but if one day success will ring my doorbell, I will probably say: "Yes, I'm here". But I think I will always keep the underground roots.

NWS: You've been to South Africa recently, how was it to go there and play?

SC: It was a really nice tour! I played in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town. I met a lot of nice people and I had a really great time playing!

NWS: Tell us about your relationship with the Select*Elect parties?

SC: I started this year to be part of the Select*Elect family and I feel a strong potential with this project! Select*Elect have already done four years of warehouse parties back in London. We are now doing a party at (Basement 8)
twice a month. (The first one was amazing!) And we are planning something new and special for the upcoming summer!

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